For a nation staking claim as the worlds most powerful democracy, our participation in the democratic process is often sorely lacking and ill informed. As an average, working class bartender, I have been privy to many a political conversation and even some arguments. The one thing I almost always come away thinking though, is that no matter how far apart in opinion two individuals or groups were, over time they would always find more common ground than points of contention. The other observation I’ve always made is the empowering and invigorating feeling people have after a healthy debate where one learns something new or gains a new understanding of another persons beliefs while simultaneously defending and advocating for your own.

That is the spirit that I hope to foster with American Confluence. The goal is to provide a place for individuals to find accurate and well informed news on important social and political issues. Reader and guest contributions are and will be a key component in an effort to help as many people find their political voice and motivation to join in the democratic process. Finally, links to resources and organizations will be provided to encourage volunteerism and activism in the community. If we hope to shape a better nation and world for ourselves and those who come after us, our actions must be greater than sharing a post and our opinions deeper than meme deep.